Minnesota has one of the highest homeowner rates in the nation at 76%. This is something to celebrate however, families of color in Minnesota own homes at a mere 41%. The difference is what is known as the housing gap. This represents one of the largest homeownership disparities in the nation.

ABC Realty is taking on closing the gap by building awareness around this issue and identifying and working collaboratively with local partners. Why is this important? It is important because stable housing improves a child’s chance for school success. A vibrant economy depends on a workforce that has stable, affordable housing. Housing is an essential part of life for all residents.


Did you know Minnesota has the third highest home ownership rate in the country, but families of color own homes at a much lower rate? That difference is known as the racial housing gap.
41% vs.77%

percent Black homeownership in Minnesota compared to 77% non-Hispanic White ownership. the third-highest statewide gap in the country.

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percent of Black applicants were denied for home-purchase loans and were double those of non-Hispanic White applicants (18% vs. 9%).

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Existing households of color that are in a position to become homeowners today, according to research from the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.


Our Mission

is to close the housing gap in Minnesota by placing more people of color in homes, breaking the cycle of renting, and creating lasting inter-generational home ownership and equity in our community.

How are we going to achieve this?

  • By connecting people of color and working class families with affordable mortgages, and entry cost assistance to help them get into quality, affordable housing they can own, and representing them through the process.

  • Building houses with subsidy, so we can make the end product affordable, in partnership with our nonprofit development partners. Creating high quality housing at an affordable price.
  • ABC Realty has partnered with local nonprofit housing developers to make new construction homes available by building with state and federal subsidy to create high quality, energy efficient homes that are affordable to families in the 80-115% area median income brackets.
  • Listen to the East Side Freedom Library Radio Show on AM 950, talking about Closing the Housing Gap in Minnesota. Click here to learn more

Our Partners


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ABC Realty LLC was founded in 2016 by Seanne Thomas, a real estate veteran with over seventeen years of experience in the field. Seanne founded ABC with the intent of providing quality real estate services from people that represent the diversity of East St.Paul.